Black Dreadnought Locomotive

Emil skriver train main
Emil skriver train backleft
Emil skriver train back
Emil skriver train rightengine
Emil skriver front engine
Emil skriver back engine
Emil skriver train frontright
Emil skriver train frontleft
Emil skriver train front
Emil skriver train backright
Emil skriver train right
Emil skriver wheel presentation
Emil skriver textures
Emil skriver wireframe 1
Emil skriver wireframe 2

This is a long going project which started out as a modelling excercise based on a concept made by Dmitry Sorokin. As i became better at modelling i kept pushing the train model and ended up finalizing it as an entire scene.
The materials are made up of 9 texturesets, each with a wear/tear mask, ID mask & a normal map.
All the shaders (except the foliage) are made by me in unreal engine. The landscape assets are from the Kite demo made by Epic Games.

This project has been a crazy journey and I learned a ton in the process.

PS: shout out to Dinusty's community, helped a ton with technical and artistical issues!

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April 9, 2017