Webshop Started! Surface Imperfections - Smudges Pack

General / 04 March 2019

I have an announcement to make! I've wanted to do this for a while and finally, I found the time to complete my first small steps venturing into the crazy lands of webshops. So here it is, My First Product!: 

Surface Imperfections - Smudges Pack

The pack contains various scanned textures with a big variety of uses. I had a lot of fun creating them, there are a couple more packs coming soon: a scratches pack & a water stains pack. Both with the same variety and fidelity as this one. And while we're at it, I thought it would be fun to show a little behind the scenes when creating these so check out these cool photos we took when capturing the textures. 'We' as in me and a couple of my classmates who helped out, big thanks to these guys!


If you're a little confused about the setup in the pictures, it does look a bit odd I agree. We used a translucent plastic plate and lit it from each side with phone flashes. This makes the light travel all around the plate, almost turning it into one big rectangular light. This makes it super easy to add all sorts of different materials on top and take pictures of it, thanks to my DSLR the quality was great! We used stuff like flour, hairspray (to make scratches), water, finger oil, soap, and a few other familiar ingredients. 

Hope you find the textures useful, stay tuned for more to come!
Thanks for reading :)