Ground Photogrammetry

General / 25 March 2018

Hi, I've been working on a pipeline for myself to process my scans for the last couple of weeks. Starting from not knowing Substance Designer to having a master node and a bunch of final materials I think it went pretty well. :D 

My setup is rather simple when using the master node. All of my materials looks something like this:

Leftmost are my inputs, I found that using a levels node and controlling the 'level out' low and high helped a lot with solving issues in the height when using displacement where a few spots would be very bright and displace way too intensely. The next node going from left is my special photogrammetry node. There isn't really any magic going on in there, it's using a bunch of the new photogrammetry nodes to make it tile, equalize both the diffuse and height map, as well as remove AO. It has some control over how the height and normal is generated, how AO is created and final adjustments to the diffuse. I shouldn't forget to mention that it creates a roughness also. It looks like this:

I plan on giving it for free, but I wanna improve it more for that. Right now it's mainly just authoring my textures, it would be super cool if it could create masks for more control, have a much more robust roughness creation tool and in general be more feature rich. I think the biggest downside to photogrammetry is the lack of control procedural graphs from SD has. That's why I plan on bringing the best of both worlds. I don't only want it to be useful for my own scans but for everyone else's. It's such a shame when you find just that nice texture but there are just these few things you wanna change. The four nodes in the middle are 'Material Clone Patch' nodes that I use to remove unwanted areas. I'm super excited about the new piece of software Artomatix that is said to use AI to vastly improve the possibilities with making tiling textures and fixing problematic areas. I Was so lucky to get into the closed alpha group so there's more to come! :D

Oh well enough rambling from me, I will leave you with a bunch of renders of my results. Rendered in UE4 cause it's way cheaper than marmoset ;)