Photogrammetry Test

General / 04 January 2018

Today I tried what some might see as fruit torturing :D
Utilizing different tools from my parent's kitchen and a floss connector I was able to hang different fruits including oranges and apples, I even tried with bread... Unfortunately, it didn't work out very well since my photogrammetry software couldn't figure out the position of the object and ended up placing the bottom offset to the top :(
Oh well learned a lesson from trial and error, it seems the best way to make entire objects is to place them on both sides and trick the software into thinking it's set up correctly. For those interested in this method here's a tutorial that explains it well:

Oh and also yesterday I went on a longer trip to capture in the same forest I posted about previously. Unfortunately, it was slightly wet but it's not too bad and I ended up filling my entire 64gb CF card. I'll wait with the processing till I'm back at my pc.

That's all for now, happy arting! :D