Tree Stump

General / 22 January 2018

Another photogrammetry piece finished! :D A lot of trial and error was involved this time, I think I'm getting closer and closer to a great workflow but I'm not quite there yet. Once I have that in place I'll start posting about it, hopefully, you guys will learn a thing or two with me ;)
This piece was done in Reality Capture. I've tried Agisoft but I found it crashing all the time when working on large projects. Reality Capture is both faster and splits up the project into smaller parts to work with which is great!

I then took it into Zbrush and boy oh boy a lot of stuff has to happen in there. I gotta say it was not pretty, and I'm glad no one saw me working in there :D But I still got something useful out of there and into Knald for baking. I have tried Substance Designer, MightyBake, Handplane and Knald. MightyBake and Handplane don't have the functionality I need for later when delighting in Unity. Substance Designer was sooo slow so in the end, Knald was the only one working for me.

I then took that into Unity Delighting tool, and finally into Substance Designer to see the result. I'll post more detail on the individual steps later but for now, I'll just give you the result. :)

This is a rather high LOD0 model for presentational purposes. My biggest issue is still the blurry textures, and the only way to fix that is to go out and capture new stuff!