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Life Update and More Photogrammetry!

General / 20 January 2018

Hi y'all!

Been back at 3D College for a few weeks now and a lot of stuff has happened. I graduated the course yesterday (Friday) so that was awesome! That means I'm ready to start an internship. I'm in contact with IO, really excited to see how that goes! :O

If that goes well I'll be moving to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Obviously a big step for me, moving to a big city, going to work and living by myself. Hopefully, all that goes well! :D

In the meantime, I got plenty of time continuing my photogrammetry adventure. Ohh and also gotta relearn 3ds Max :P
I tried playing with some fabric, its actually my father's knitted cardigan I sort of borrowed and photographed...
I'll let the result speak for itself, but I do think it got pretty good for a first try. Will test around with the multi-angle node in Substance Designer for fabrics in the future as I think it'll be both faster and more accurate.

I also did a bunch of tests with some tree stumps from my trip to the forest back at my parent's place. I'm not satisfied at all, the textures got all blurry which sucks. I know now that it's very important for small objects not to capture too close to the subject since that'll lead to a big part of the subject being out of focus and that data will be translated into the texture and mesh. For bigger objects, this issue is not as apparent because the light won't be at such extreme angles which in turn increases the focus plane. 

That's all for now, can't wait to see how it goes with IO :D