Equipment upgrade!

General / 30 December 2017

Wohoo, my first real post in here so it better be good! Well, It's very good news for me, and probably good news for you in the future.

In mid-November I started looking into photogrammetry, so to get started I had to borrow a camera from a friend. But since I'm very interested in photography as well it was very obvious I needed my own camera ;) So! With some research, a trip to the nearby larger city and a very generous economically contribution from my parents it recently became possible to equip myself with a used Canon 5D Mark II camera and a Sigma 50mm prime lens.

I have already been on a little shooting trip to the local forest, will update my portfolio with a photography section now which is awesome! :D
I'm extremely excited to get out and shoot even more and especially give the photogrammetry part a try! I can definitely recommend getting a camera and start shooting, especially if you're into environment art as it helps training quite a few essential skillsets. And also it's good for your health ;)


General / 30 December 2017

Hi all!

This is just a quick introduction to my blog I wanna try starting out here with the new and awesome blog feature. :)

I'm Emil Skriver, a student at 3D College located in Denmark, Grenå.
I am born and raised in Denmark dreaming of one day, like many others in here, becoming a professional 3D artist.

My goal with this blog is most and foremost to share my process with you guys, socialize and encourage myself to keep pushing my skills. Hopefully, we all can find benefit in my share of progress, knowledge and a few resources here and there ;)

My primary areas of interest will be 3D game art, photography, and photogrammetry. But I'm sure there will be room for a big variety of interesting subjects, all art related of course! 

Hopefully, all this sounds just a bit interesting, and of course, with the great format of a blog, I encourage you guys to interact. Leave a message, let's make this more of a conversation whether you wanna critique my stuff, say something funny or just say hi :D

That was all, happy new year to those reading this in a relatively near future because as of writing this there's precisely 24 hours and 30 minutes till 2018!

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you guys soon. Happy arting!